Destination Vow Renewal

Knowing what to say on Valentine’s Day can be a challenging feat, which is why sometimes the most romantic gestures are surprises. For this year’s season of love, travel with your other half to a destination for a vow renewal. If the thought of planning another wedding making you cringe: relax. Our team here at Moody Gardens Hotel is here to ensure your Galveston wedding renewal is nothing short of perfect. 

Why Travel to a Destination for your Vow Renewal?

Seasoned professionals believe that vow renewals are often more unique than their first wedding because renewals are more relaxed and intimate. Traveling to a destination for your vow renewal is the perfect reason to bring your loved ones together and celebrate your marriage. Families especially enjoy including their children in their vow renewal. As little kids, we always pictured what our parent’s wedding was like. What flavor was the cake? Was everyone dancing? When you plan your vow renewal at a destination like Moody Gardens during Valentine’s Day, your Galveston wedding will be an enjoyable experience for everyone. After all, the men won’t have to plan any Valentine’s Day event ideas since our staff has everything laid out for you.

We Still Do

Forget the yearly scramble for Valentine’s Day event ideas and participate in our vow renewal ceremony called, “We still do.” Participating guests will renew and reaffirm their pledge to each other, among other loving couples and their families. After saying “I do,” the celebration continues with a live band, toast of champagne, traditional wedding cake, and mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres. Feel free to roam around Galveston, since we’re known to have many exciting things to do in Galveston for couples, especially on Valentine’s Day! End your romantic, Galveston wedding renewal night in your lavish bedroom. There will be a personalized wedding certificate, resting on a bed of rose petals, waiting for you and your renewed spouse. Before closing your eyes for a good night’s rest, be sure to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey” because you’ve officially announced “I do,” round two. 

To learn more information about how you can have your dream destination vow renewal, visit our website or talk to our team at 409-741-8484.